24-7 EMS Online: Geriatric Trauma: Hip Injuries (V2)

List Price: $5.95
Product Code: EMS1007

This program reviews the effects of hip and pelvic trauma in geriatric patients.

The anatomy and physiology of the hip is reviewed, basic emergency care, pain management and the special consideration of treating a geriatric patient with an injury to the lower extremity is highlighted.

Featuring Heather Davis, MS, NREMT-P, Educational Program Director, UCLA

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24-7 EMS Online: Lifting and Moving (V2)

List Price: $5.95
Product Code: EMS1009

This class reviews steps for safe lifting and moving. Power lifts, squat lifts, and power grips are defined and demonstrated.

Patient-moving devices and three types of emergency moves are reviewed and demonstrated. The class re-emphasizes the importance of good physical fitness and conditioning, as well as the use of good body mechanics to prevent injury.

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24-7 EMS Online: Mechanism of Injury (V2)

List Price: $5.95
Product Code: EMS1010

Mechanism of injury is a key indicator of the possible injuries you will find on-scene. Course reviews the most common types of MOIs, the importance of kinetic energy, and the role speed plays in an MVC.

The most common injuries associated with blunt and penetrating trauma are illustrated.

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24-7 EMS Online: Risk Management: Refusals & Abandonment (V2)

List Price: $5.95
Product Code: EMS1013

Duty to Act, Scope of Practice, Standards of Care—what does it all mean to you?

In this program, the scope and depth of the responsibilities of an EMS provider are reviewed, along with patient’s rights, types of consent, and the correct way to transfer or terminate care.

Excellent documentation on every patient is essential and the key to avoiding litigation.

Featuring Matt Streger, Paramedic Attorney at Law at Kern Augustine Conroy & Schoppmann, P.C.

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24-7 EMS Online: Medical Assessment: Syncope (V2)

List Price: $5.95
Product Code: EMS1014

Emphasizes the significance of syncopal episodes as first and only warning signs for very serious causes—the four most common are reviewed.

History and on-scene assessment are often the most critical information that emergency departments receive.

Featuring William Raynovich, Director of EMS Education, Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska

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24-7 EMS Online: Sports Injuries (V2)

List Price: $5.95
Product Code: EMS1015

Head, neck and spine injuries are common injuries that occur with contact sports. Many states have laws requiring coaches to assess for head injuries and to restrict all players with potential head injuries (concussions) from further participation until cleared by a physician.

Another risk for athletes is sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). This course reviews how to recognize and respond to typical contact sport injuries, with a special focus on the relationship between the athletic trainer and the EMS crew during an emergency.

Featuring Paul A. Berlin, Ms, NREMT-P Medical Division Chief (Ret.) Gig Harbor, Washington

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24-7 EMS Online: Electrical Injuries (V2)

List Price: $5.95
Product Code: EMS1016

Electrical injuries, although relatively uncommon, are certainly encountered by most emergency medical providers. Adult electrical injuries usually occur in the workplace, whereas children are primarily injured in the household setting.

The range of electrical injury is very broad, from negligible injuries to severe multi-system involvement (with both hidden and delayed complications), and sometimes even death.

This course will explore the effects of electricity on the human body, as well as the assessment and treatment for post-electrical shock patients.

Featuring Captain Steven C. LeCroy, MA, NREMTP, CRTT St. Petersburg, Fire and Rescue

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24-7 EMS Online: MVC Management (V2)

List Price: $5.95
Product Code: EMS1017

Motor vehicle collision (MVC) incidents resulted in numerous deaths and hundreds of injuries to EMS providers. MVCs encompass a complex assortment of unique situations where injured victims are amidst a variety of potential hazards such as traffic, chemical spills, fire, damaged vehicles, weather conditions and terrain challenges.

In addition, the introduction and popularity of electric and hybrid vehicles has increased the number of threats to EMS providers at the scene of a MVC. EMS providers must review and practice common techniques and procedures necessary to safely manage and mitigate these type of incidents.

This course reviews early recognition of needed additional resources, implementation of safety measures, coordinating the treatment of victims, and mitigation of any existing or potential hazards.

Featuring Division Chief Roger Lippert, BPHE, MICT Johnson County Med-Act Olathe, Kansas

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24-7 EMS Online: Medication Errors & Equipment Failures (V2)

List Price: $5.95
Product Code: EMS1019

Course addresses how to prevent medical legal issues through proper documentation and appropriate recourses when a medical error or equipment failure incident occurs that could result in a legal case.

Prevention techniques, error recognition, issuing appropriate apologies, and provider attitude are also reviewed.

Featuring Christopher H. Howard, JD Seattle, Washington

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24-7 EMS Online: Pediatric Emergencies: Burns (V2)

List Price: $5.95
Product Code: EMS1020

This course prepares EMS providers for the possibility of caring for and treating a pediatric burn patient through review of anatomy, current treatment theory, identifying appropriate hospitals, and includes coaching on how to mentally prepare for the child and family.

Featuring: Scotty Bolleter, BS, EMT-P Director of Education San Antonio AirLife San Antonio, Texas

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24-7 EMS Online: Domestic Violence (V2)

List Price: $5.95
Product Code: EMS1022

Domestic violence can occur in any type of relationship, age range, ethnic background, or economic level, and can be directed towards women or men.

This course reviews the appropriate EMS response to calls involving abuse, including the importance of understanding the history of underlying oppression, the frequency and severity of occurrences, and an awareness that they themselves are not immune to the effects of an abusive situation.

Featuring Bryan E. Bledsoe, DO, FACEP, FAAEM Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine University of Nevada School of Medicine Department of Emergency Medicine University Medical Center of Southern Nevada Las Vegas, Nevada.

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24-7 EMS Online: Air Medical Transports (V2)

List Price: $5.95
Product Code: EMS1023

This course helps ground providers consider all objective information when deciding to utilize an air medical transport service, including ensuring the safety of the ground crew, the flight crew, and the patient during landing, transferring, and transporting.

Featuring Barbara Maher, RN, EMT-P, FPC, MS (Paramedic, Flight Paramedic, and Nurse) University of Maryland Medical Center, University of Maryland ExpressCare Critical Care Transport Team, and Military Reserve Officer.

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24-7 EMS Online: Supraglottic Airway Management (V2)

List Price: $5.95
Product Code: EMS1125

Ensuring an open and clear airway is one of the highest priorities in emergency medical care. Oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal airways can provide some basic airway management, but don’t protect the airway completely. Intubation, long considered the gold standard for airway management, provides excellent airway protection but requires significant equipment and training. 

Supraglottic airway devices fill the gap between basic airway tools and intubation, especially for EMS providers with limited experience and training.

Featuring: Kelly Grayson, a critical care paramedic for Acadian Ambulance in southwest Louisiana.

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24-7 EMS Online: Water Rescue Considerations for EMS (V2)

List Price: $5.95
Product Code: EMS1026

Water emergencies are complex situations that require constant scene assessment and management. EMS responders play a pivotal role in caring for patients and rescuers at the scene, providing critical local knowledge and thorough pre-incident planning expertise.

This course helps EMS personnel understand and quickly identify water rescue hazards, and reviews how to work cooperatively with local specialty and supportive resources to increase the likelihood of a positive outcome to these events.

Featuring Adam Wojciehowski, NREMT-B St Croix EMS & Rescue EMT/Rescue Technician

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24-7 EMS Online: Facial Injuries (V2)

List Price: $5.95
Product Code: EMS1027

Facial injuries can be devastating for both the patient and the EMS responder. It is the face that connects us to another person: When the face is distorted we have difficulty recognizing the human aspects of a patient and it is a shock.

Once the essentials such as airway and bleeding are addressed, the EMS responder must be capable of assessing the damage to the face and properly anticipate any problems and treat appropriately.

This course reviews facial anatomy, types of injuries, and appropriate treatment to prepare EMS personnel to respond quickly and help prevent complications resulting from facial injuries.

Featuring Barabara Maher, EMTP, FPL, RN, MS. Connie Mattera, MS, RN, EMT-P Northwest Community Hospital EMS Administrative Director

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24-7 EMS Online: Geriatric Poisonings (V2)

List Price: $5.95
Product Code: EMS1028

Increased medical resources, new and improving pharmaceuticals, and an expanding elderly population mean EMS professionals have a greater opportunity to respond to a geriatric patient experiencing adverse affects from medications.

Knowing how to evaluate the scene, as well as understanding the psychological and physiological changes of aging and the interactions of medications, will provide a solid foundation for dealing with a geriatric patient who is experiencing an overdose, whether accidental or intentional.

Featuring Lisa L Booze, Pharm.D., CSPI Clinical Coordinator Maryland Poison Center University of Maryland School of Pharmacy Baltimore, Maryland.

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24-7 EMS Online: EMS Flood Response (V2)

List Price: $5.95
Product Code: EMS1029

Floods are a leading cause of death from natural disasters. Flooding can also occur from man-made activities such as a ruptured water main.

This program will identify various situations involving flooding and discuss the variety of injuries EMS personnel may encounter. Flood response safety will be emphasized throughout the course.

Featuring Glenn Luedtke, NREMT-P Director (Retired) Sussex County (DE) EMS

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24-7 EMS Online: Responder Wellness and Fitness (V2)

List Price: $5.95
Product Code: EMS1031

Responder wellness and fitness is often overlooked by EMS teams. In many instances, responders are confined to an ambulance during their shifts, or long shifts may leave little time to exercise.

However, in order to provide the best patient care, responders need to remain physical fit and in a well condition.

This course discusses the importance of responder wellness and proper fitness programs, as well as reviews ways EMS personnel can remain physically fit while stationed in an ambulance.

Featuring Bryan Fass, ATCl, CSCS, EMT-P (Certified athletic trainer, certified strength and conditioning specialist, Paramedic) President of the Fire Responder

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24-7 EMS Online: Agricultural Hazmat: EMS Response (V2)

List Price: $5.95
Product Code: EMS1032

Agricultural chemicals are used every day in the production of food and to raise livestock. Such chemicals appear in an expanding variety of settings and may be difficult to recognize or identify.

This course helps EMS responders understand the increasing risk of encountering unidentified agricultural hazardous materials in any response setting.

The course also reviews types of agricultural chemicals, reactions to exposures, decontamination procedures, treatment methods, and personal protection.

Featuring Rob Schnepp - Assistant Chief, Special Operations Alameda County Fire Department Alameda, California.

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24-7 EMS Online: CPR and ECC Update: G2015 Guidelines (V2)

List Price: $5.95
Product Code: EMS1120

EMS providers know that saving the life of a person in sudden cardiac arrest depends on a quick response, the effective use of CPR and early defibrillation.

The purpose of this course is to communicate recent significant changes and additions to the training guidelines for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and emergency cardiac care (ECC) to EMS providers. The content of this course is derived from the comprehensive research, review, and findings of the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR).

The most recent update was released on October 15, 2015. Understanding and applying the changes to ECC guidelines is essential for EMS providers to continue to provide the best possible care to patients in cardiac arrest.

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24-7 EMS Online: Deaf and Hard of Hearing: Response Awareness (V2)

List Price: $5.95
Product Code: EMS1034

This program discusses challenges to EMS providers when responding to incidents involving patients who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Methods of communicating with the patient for assessment and treatment are reviewed.

Featuring Neil McDevitt, Program Director, CEPIN-TDI

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24-7 EMS Online: Terrorism: EMS Readiness (V2)

List Price: $5.95
Product Code: EMS1035

There are events that occur regularly across the United States and around the world. It is recognized that terrorism can occur in virtually any area of this country.

As an EMS responder, you need to be able to recognize the potential terrorist scene and respond accordingly.

Featuring James J. Augustine, M.D. Centerville, Ohio

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24-7 EMS Online: Abdominal Trauma (V2)

List Price: $5.95
Product Code: EMS1036

Abdominal trauma has a high potential for shock and life-threatening injury and is one of the most difficult injuries to evaluate in the pre-hospital environment.

This program is designed to discuss the various traumas associated with the abdomen and covers effective strategies to determine and treat abdominal trauma.

EMS responders who implement rapid, systematic assessment, have a high degree of suspicion and knowledge of the pathophysiology of the abdomen, and who provide early transport will deliver quality patient care and help improve outcomes for patients with abdominal trauma.

Featuring Christopher Shane Henderson, B.S., FF/EMT-P Adjunct EMS Instructor St. Petersburg Fire & Rescue St. Petersburg College

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24-7 EMS Online: Neonatal Care and Resuscitation (V2)

List Price: $5.95
Product Code: EMS1037

Preparing for resuscitative efforts saves precious time and makes a critical difference when complications arise.

Video from unassisted home and hospital births illustrates the five critical steps of care for newborns, reviews neonatal resuscitation, special considerations for meconium-stained babies, and premature infant care.

Featuring Shaun Fix, PMD, NREMT-P EMS Captain Boca Raton Rescue President, Emergency Medical Consultants

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24-7 EMS Online: Anaphylaxis (V2)

List Price: $5.95
Product Code: EMS1038

Anatomy and physiology of the body’s immune response to antigens. Signs, symptoms, and treatments for allergic reactions and critical on-scene history and assessment.

Epinephrine and albuterol use for allergic reactions is discussed, as is the importance of airway management.

Featuring Gordon Kokx, BS, NREMT-Paramedic, Professor, EMS Program Director The College of Southern Idaho Twin Falls, Idaho.

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