24-7 ems operational tasks: 5 Courses

24-7 EMS Online: Lifting and Moving (V2)

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Product Code: EMS1009

This class reviews steps for safe lifting and moving. Power lifts, squat lifts, and power grips are defined and demonstrated.

Patient-moving devices and three types of emergency moves are reviewed and demonstrated. The class re-emphasizes the importance of good physical fitness and conditioning, as well as the use of good body mechanics to prevent injury.

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24-7 EMS Online: Domestic Violence (V2)

List Price: $5.95
Product Code: EMS1022

Domestic violence can occur in any type of relationship, age range, ethnic background, or economic level, and can be directed towards women or men.

This course reviews the appropriate EMS response to calls involving abuse, including the importance of understanding the history of underlying oppression, the frequency and severity of occurrences, and an awareness that they themselves are not immune to the effects of an abusive situation.

Featuring Bryan E. Bledsoe, DO, FACEP, FAAEM Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine University of Nevada School of Medicine Department of Emergency Medicine University Medical Center of Southern Nevada Las Vegas, Nevada.

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24-7 EMS Online: Deaf and Hard of Hearing: Response Awareness (V2)

List Price: $5.95
Product Code: EMS1034

This program discusses challenges to EMS providers when responding to incidents involving patients who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Methods of communicating with the patient for assessment and treatment are reviewed.

Featuring Neil McDevitt, Program Director, CEPIN-TDI

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24-7 EMS Online: Assault Victim Care (V2)

List Price: $5.95
Product Code: EMS1079

This course reviews the importance of scene safety, preservation of evidence, thorough documentation, special transport considerations, and assessment and communication techniques with an emphasis on how to provide psychological first aid to patients who have suffered assault or rape.

Featuring James Augustine, MD. Medical Advisor, Washington Township Fire, Datyon, Ohio. Director of Clinical Operations EMP Management, Canton, Ohio. Assoc. Clinical Professor, Dept of Emergency Medicine Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio.

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24-7 EMS Online: Social Media and EMS (V2)

List Price: $5.95
Product Code: EMS1103

Social media in its various forms has quickly become part of everyday life. Posting, tweeting, and pinning online have become as commonplace as emailing or talking on the phone.

While EMS organizations can use social media to their advantage as a recruiting tool or a way to disseminate valuable life-saving information to the community, there can be downsides to its use by individual providers. This program explains how the improper use of social media can negatively affect EMS providers and organizations, outlines social media best practices for EMS professionals, and reviews guidelines for assessing or creating a fair and effective social media policy.

Featuring John K. Murphy, PA-C, JD, MS, EFO Deputy Fire Chief (Retired)

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