Disaster and Counter-Terrorism Medicine

Featuring Gregory Ciottone, M.D., FACEP

All Disasters Are Local

You never know when a disaster or terrorist attack will happen, but when it does, you know you will be responding. During those early hours, your resources will be limited and stretched thin. You may also be at risk for secondary targeting or other scene safety issues unique to asymmetric terrorist attacks.

Knowing the skills and strategies of disaster and counter-terrorism medicine will help you respond in your community. 


Program Overview

The library of 48 online presentations covers the most important topics of disaster medicine and the new field of counter-terrorism medicine, including mitigation, preparedness and response strategies, and specific disaster scenarios such as earthquake, hurricane, CBRNE and asymmetric terrorist attack.

The content was developed by and features the narration of Gregory Ciottone, M.D., FACEP, an international expert in the field of disaster and counter-terrorism medicine.

The series of presentations provides convenient and broad access to individuals and groups who will be tasked to respond when disaster strikes.

Please note this lecture series does not qualify for continuing education (CE) credits.


About Dr. Ciottone

Dr. Gregory Ciottone is considered a leading expert in disaster and counter-terrorism medicine. He is a U.S. board-certified emergency physician and an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at Harvard Medical School, where he is the director of the only disaster medicine fellowship program at a Harvard teaching hospital.

Dr. Ciottone has appeared as a subject matter expert on multiple news outlets including CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC, and he has given TEDx talks on counter-terrorism medicine and crisis leadership, the latter based on his experience commanding a federal disaster team at Ground Zero on 9/11. He has shared his valuable knowledge of disaster and counter-terrorism medicine in over 30 countries, and through his sustainable consulting projects he has trained over 75,000 healthcare professionals worldwide.

In 2006 Dr. Ciottone published Disaster Medicine by Elsevier, considered by many as the definitive textbook at the time. The second edition, published in 2016 and titled Ciottone’s Disaster Medicine, was named the leading textbook in the field by the Annals of Emergency Medicine.




Disaster and Counter-Terrorism Medicine Presentations

The series of 48 presentations covers a wide range of topics necessary for every first responder, providing guidance on how to be prepared before, during and after a disaster or terrorist attack occurs. 

  1. Introduction to Disaster Medicine

  2. Overview of Disaster Response

  3. The Disaster Cycle

  4. Disaster Medicine in the Field

  5. EMS Disaster Operations

  6. Hospital-Based Disaster Operations

  7. Psychology of Terrorism

  8. Community-based Disaster Resiliency

  9. Operational Continuity

  10. Disaster Planning-Hazard Vulnerability Analysis

  11. Hospital Preparedness

  12. Tabletop Drills

  13. Building Surge Capacity

  14. Personal Protective Equipment

  15. Command and Control

  16. Scene Safety

  1. Search and Rescue

  2. Communications

  3. Operations and Logistics

  4. Interagency Response

  5. Disaster Triage

  6. Collection/Medical Stabilization

  7. Field Trauma Care

  8. Mass Casualties

  9. Hazardous Materials Event Quarantine

  10. Decontamination

  11. Post-Disaster Infectious Diseases

  12. Complex Disaster Response

  13. Tactical EMS

  14. Staying Healthy in Austere Environment

  15. Hurricane

  16. Tornado

  1. Earthquake

  2. Flood

  3. Tsunami

  4. Fires

  5. Pandemics

  6. Complex Humanitarian Crises

  7. Manmade Disasters

  8. Explosions/Bombings

  9. Building Collapse

  10. Wars and Violent Conflict

  11. Terrorist Events

  12. Weapons of Mass Destruction

  13. Radiation

  14. Chemical

  15. Biologic

  16. Lessons Learned- Pearls for the 21st Century